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3 Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating Profiles

Here to help you get more matches

After attempting online dating for over a year now and seeing lots of different profiles, these are my do's and don'ts of creating an online dating profile.

Do - Put your best picture first

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so you better make it a good one. I recommend a solo picture, looking at the camera, and flashing a big smile. You can fill the background with something fun like a sunset or a landmark. But don’t make it too formal! Remember, this isn’t LinkedIn. See examples of what I consider good profile pictures below.

Aren't my friends the cutest? Also, they're fabulous for letting me use their pictures.

Don't - Include group pictures

This isn’t Where’s Waldo, so I shouldn’t have to guess which one of the many guys in the picture is you. Plus, I can’t tell you the many times I’ve seen a cute guy in a group picture only to scroll and find out that that the cute guy is actually his friend. Awkward 😬

Do - State what you're looking for

Whether it be a long-term relationship, FWB, or simply just friends, stating what you’re looking for saves a lot of time on both people’s ends. There's no shame saying you're just looking for a hook up! It's better to be upfront in the beginning than doing the whole song and dance only to realize you're looking for two completely different things.

Don't - Post gym selfies

I understand you want to show off your muscles, but seriously, gym selfies, especially shirtless mirror gym selfies (yes fellas I’m looking at you) give off a major ick. Personally, whenever I come across one in a profile, it’s an immediate no. It's such a shame dating apps don't have a super dislike button.

Do - Take the time to write a bio or answer the prompts

I want to get to know you! If someone can’t make the effort to write a bio or at least answer the prompts, what says they’ll put in the effort for other things? Here are some examples of what I consider fun bios that can be conversation starters or tell me more about the person.

Don't - Post pictures that can be interpreted the wrong way

"Is that an ex or just a friend?" is not something I should be asking myself as I'm looking at your profile. My personal favorite is when a guy posts a picture of him and his ex with the ex's face blocked out.

Wrapping it up

As Pat Benatar sings, “Love is a battlefield.” But now you’re armed with the tools to have a successful online dating profile. So go out and post those cute pics and see those matches come in. But also don't forget to have fun with it! Be silly in your bio/prompt answers. Life's too short to be so serious.

Any other tips or advice I might have missed? List them in the comments down below.


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