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February Favorites

As February comes to an end, I wanted to share some things I enjoyed during the month 

Since it was Lunar New Year, you know I was wearing red for good luck.  Lipstick and nail polish are the easiest ways for me to incorporate that pop of color.  I particularly liked Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red and Static Nail’s Triple Cherry for the classic red shades.  If you’re looking for a more orange red shade, I recommend Mooncat’s Pandemonium.  This shade is stunning in both direct and indirect sunlight. 

Now that I’m attempting to become an influencer, I’ve needed to step up my editing skills.  Before, I wouldn’t do any edits at all to my pictures because I felt like social media was already heavily filtered to the point where it comes off as unrealistic.  Now, I use editing as a tool to give pictures that extra oomph.  Who knew a simple filter could make such a difference?  Just take a look at the two pictures below.  For filters, I’ve been liking “Cairo” from Instagram stories or the summer presets in Lightroom.

Stay tuned for more monthly favorites!


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