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Haircuts and other Lunar New Year traditions

Some traditions my family and I have to prepare for the new year

As many of you may know (or can guess based on my appearance), I’m Mexican.  What you may not know is that I’m also Chinese.  Being that I’m Chinese, we celebrate Lunar New Year.  Here are some of the traditions we follow.

What to do before:

  • Haircut and hair wash

    • Who wouldn’t want to look ✨fresh✨ for the new year?  Jokes aside, cutting or washing your hair on the first day of the new year is like throwing or washing away your fortune.  The Chinese character for “hair” is the same as the first character in the word for “prosper.”  

  • Clean house

    • YT people have spring cleaning and we have Lunar New Year.  This is our opportunity to really do a deep clean to get rid of all of the previous year’s bad luck and get our home ready to receive good luck.  

  • Settle your debts

    • This is to cement your financial fortune for the upcoming year.  

What to do day of:

  • Wear red 

    • Red is considered a lucky color as it symbolizes good luck and good fortune.

  • Eat noodles and oranges

    • Noodles represent longevity and oranges are believed to bring good luck and happiness.  Fun fact, the Chinese words for orange and tangerine closely resemble the words for luck and wealth!

Do you have other traditions? Let me know in the comments below.

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