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My 5 Hot Girl Walk Essentials

Covering all the essentials you need before starting your own hot girl walk

For the past year, I’ve been going on hot girl walks around San Francisco and exploring the different neighborhoods. Though I still have so much to explore, these are my essentials for any walk:

  • Sunscreen

  • Bag

  • Hat (if it’s sunny)

  • Water bottle

  • Appropriate shoes


I know I’m going to sound like a mom, but sunscreen is very important! I made the rookie mistake of not wearing sunscreen when I first started doing my walks and believe me, I paid for it as I ended up having a mask tan for at least a month. Thankfully, my mask tan is gone. I think some of the reasons why I didn’t like using sunscreen was because of 1) the smell and 2) white cast. The brands I used were white and smelled a bit like playdoh. I’m pretty tan so I would really have to make sure the sunscreen blended in or else risk looking like a ghost. Kopari and SuperGoop resolved my sunscreen issues. Kopari’s sunscreen smells really nice (imagine summer in a bottle) and because it’s sheer, no white cast! Though I will note that it is a bit sticky. I use Kopari’s sunscreen before I head out and the SuperGoop glow stick to reapply during my walk. The glow stick is travel sized plus it’s also sheer so again, no white cast.


Keys, phone, wallet, mask, lip balm, and a sunscreen stick are just some things I bring with me on a walk. Is it too much? Probably. But I can’t shove all of it into my legging’s pockets. (Trust me, I’ve tried). I’ve been loving the Lululemon bag to fit all my items.


I’ve only started wearing a hat on my walks and boy does it make a difference! I swear the dads are onto something. Not only does it hide a bad hair day, it also blocks a lot of sun so I’m not squinting as much.

Water bottle

My walks are a workout (like hello have you seen the hills?), so staying hydrated is important. When I first started my walks, I didn’t bring any water with me and would come home with a headache. I know, rookie mistake 🤦🏻‍♀️ but now I know better! I suggest bringing a metal water bottle because 1) it’s environmentally friendly duh, 2) it keeps the water cool and 3) worst case scenario, it can be used as a weapon to defend yourself.


Let’s be honest, athletic shoes are rarely cute. But thankfully, I didn’t have to compromise fashion for functionality. I try to hit 5 miles (sometimes more if I’m up for it) when I go on my walks. I swear these shoes from Adidas have some sort of magic in them as I walked 10 miles in them and my feet did not hurt at all the next day! My thighs and legs were hella sore, but my feet felt perfectly fine.

Now that I’ve covered my essentials, stay tuned for next week’s blog post on some of my favorite walking places in the City.

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